Monday, 1 February 2010

Wahoo!!! I got it!!! AKA second C8 2010

So here is the follow up to my last disaster post...  Not that it was entirely a write off as I did like the outcome... just wasn't what I had hoped for.  Well after a little sleep and a browse through my English texts I managed to make the pattern I had hoped for.  I got help from one of the Vandervoort books (Temari Adventures).  I hardly use this book because my brain can't handle the abundance of text and diagrams - I know I'm just weird like that. I can't decifer what is going on in this series but inspite of that fact I still have all the books in this set - I keep hoping one day the penny will drop.

I must admit I still wasn't too confident I'd be able to stitch the design so I picked a squishy mari that I had made from dryer lint (and had decided I couldn't stitch on because it was too soft) then used some #16 kreinick thread from my stash (reduced to $2.20).  I decided to ignore the band wrapping and only stitch the top layer... I figured it would save time, would be pretty cheap and wouldn't waste any lovely threads.

Here is how this version turned out.  I have nicknamed it 'Revelation' because when it finally clicked what 'cross over an intersection of 4 then 3 then 4 then 3...' meant the sound of the penny dropping was loud as a sonic boom.

The marking out is a little strange on this one but the real focus was on performing the correct stitch... next time I will work on getting it in the right place in the triangles... but first I need to work out how to find the triangle center.  Mmmm maths not my strong point... but temari is teaching me an awful lot about it!!


  1. Hi, I'm glad you got it! I was going to post some hints today, but I see I don't need to.

    I always say the VanderVoort books are like having a GPS system, because if you follow them exactly, you will get a beautiful result, but you might not know how you got there (or how to get there again).

    Jane C (World Embroideries)

  2. Jane your comment is too funny!!! BTW I loved your recent temari projects, always inspiring!