Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Temari from socks and jocks

Perhaps that should read making mari from socks and jocks because I haven't stitched a design on this experiment yet.  I think it was Debi A who mentioned  using her family's odd and old socks for her temari bases and when I was updating the boy's underwear last week I decided that I'd try it too.  I have only made one 31cm ball so far (little feet = many socks per ball). I'm not sure how it will be to stitch into as it seems rather dense and heavy compared to my usual favorite (rice hull).  I have also partly balled up some clean knickers... sorry jocks... my 8yo son tells me they are jocks not knickers. But these are harder to get balled up with the elastic waist band so I may pull them apart and shred them before slipping back into a sock.

Of course there will be no temari today due to a nasty bee sting in the center of my right palm. I can't close my fingers with enough strength to hold the needle.... and can only just manage to type.  So I am off to the kitchen today to make soap... a craft I can do with my left hand.


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I think it is funny you are trying socks when I just found a nice source for rice hulls and I am trying those out. :-)

    When I do use socks I roll/wad them up with the heavy elastic part in the center and the toe part on the outside. When I use other items with elastic I cut the elastic off first since it is just not nice to the needle when the stitches go deep.

    Sock maris are definitely more dense than rice hull maris. I think they are a bit of an acquired taste. Good luck with them!

  2. Goodness me! How ironic is that then?? Thanks for the tip about cutting off the elastic bit. I am trying to lighten my carbon footprint this year so I figure that the less land fill I create the better I can feel about having my craft lamp switched on all night when I am on a temari making bender. LOL