Sunday, 31 January 2010

Second C10 for 2010

The second C10 for 2010 is from Cosmo 2 featured on Page 3 is ball #14.  As you can see from the inset picture it didn't turn out exactly right.  There are several factors that I think contribute to this. 
1 The ball was perfectly (insert not 100% but pretty darn close) round but was marked at the pool while watching swim classes and chatting to folk - so the marking is a bit off. 
2 The colours are not as striking in contrast as the original.  The orange should have been a deeper shade.
3 The measuring from center was not spot on and also the mari is different size than the pattern.  So the problem is that the pink diamonds were not started in the correct place so the open space is too big... then the burgundy diamond was a little squeezy and the orange hexagons did not meet in the centers of the diamond. 

Actually I could probably go back to this one and stitch some more around the hexagons to bring them more toward the center but there are 20 hexagons and the space between the diamond is a little tight to be stitching in so I will probably leave it as is... sigh... a lesson learned.

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  1. A wonderful entry, these patterns are hard as they all over, this one is perfect!