Thursday, 3 September 2009

Madeit Store and a Bigcartel

I finally got around to listing temari on our madeit store today.  OK technically not all temari so let's say ..... temari-esque.  The little brooches from a previous post and some teeny temari (from a much earlier post) that have been reinvented as bookmarks.  I wouldn't have thought to offer them for sale, but some folk seemed to like them at the fair we attended recently so I thought we'd try them out in the store - I feel too sad that it has been sitting empty for so long.  My second motivation is that I have officially run out of storage room for made temari so I need to sell or gift some items.  If you want to check out the store hit the little round button on the left side of this blog. 

We are also getting in more and more Nordic Gold thread for students so we have put it on the supply store site (the button above the madeit one).  Perth, now don't get me wrong I love it, can be frustrating to source anything a bit different so I have always got it here myself.  Case in point Rainbow Gallery thread everytime I have been told it is a special order and it will take 6-8 weeks possibly longer..... so now I source it from the US.  If you want some we got it cheaper than any other website in Australia and not just Silver and Gold.  Needles are also bothersome in Perth... you can get one in a multi pack but end up with many useless (for temari that is) needles so we've got them too.  Miho is just finalising things with Japan to bring KYO rayon temari thread out here.... I haven't seen it on any Australian websites or in any stores so we'll get that on too. 

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  1. Great job on the classes and goodies for sale! And best of luck in getting more temari addicts :)
    Barb Suess