Sunday, 18 July 2010

Furry Cousin comes to stay!

Does that title sound like a possible title for an Enid Blyton book??

My Brother and SIL have taken their kids to Japan to visit with relatives. We are minding Ninja, the furry cousin. Interestingly among the human cousins there are 2 boys and 1 girl... the furry cousins are in the same ratio. Our dogs (Chilli and Shadow) are the grumpy, old variety (about 15 years old), Ninja is about 6 months old (maybe a little less) so our dogs can't quite understand all the fuss.

Yesterday was our first rain free over 20C day for weeks. So my son and I took the 3 dogs for a walk. What a calamity!!! Our two dogs needed to keep stopping for a rest and walked so slowly (especially shadow who has bad hips) and our furry cousin wanted to run and jump around and play... so did my son. But after I showed the young ones the basics of walking at heel everything went more smoothly.

Today we are baking cookies.  I've got a long list of chores too. If I manage it all quickly enough I will still get some stitching done.

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