Saturday, 16 May 2009

Craft Fair

This week Miho, Suzanne, Naoko and I went to the craft and quilt fair here in Perth. It is amazing to see all the beautiful craft things on show to buy. The quilt display was stunning and there was bling a plenty in the bead section. The stalls had all manner of interesting things to buy from buttons and ribbons to ironing stations and long arm sewing machines.

It made me think how wonderful the craft of temari is. You don't need an iron or a machine, there are no special adhesives or frames or a ton of space to make temari. All you need is a needle, coloured thread, pins, something to make a ball (and you can even use dryer lint for that) and a little imagination. All the bits can fit into the tiniest bag which you can take anywhere.

Better yet temari is a fantastic way to meet new people. There are groups in Yahoo you can join and make contacts around the world. You can make temari at the park while the kids play, on the train or even at the Doctor's office and you'll find people can't resist asking "What you are doing?" You find that what starts with temari can end with a new friend.

I couldn't imagine taking my quilting or scrapbooking out with me, so thank goodness for temari. I wonder if we might showcase temari at the craft fair someday in the future.....

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